This is the project blog for the ADMIRe Project based at the University of Nottingham which has been part funded by JISC under the Managing Research Data Programme 2011-13.

ADMIRe will establish a pilot sustainable research data management infrastructure for the University of Nottingham steered by a research data management policy.  The infrastructure developed will support the full research data lifecycle, acknowledging and responding to differing practices across disciplines.

ADMIRe will improve research data management capability, extend opportunities for data reuse and “open up” research data in line with JISC programme objectives.  ADMIRe will work across University boundaries and committees, using existing expertise and drawing on advice and support from the DCC, UK Data Archive and CETIS.

Aims and objectives

  • Produce a University policy on Research Data Management
  • Pilot a research data management technical infrastructure, extending current capacity.
  • Develop a research data management professional support infrastructure, extending current capacity.
  • Gain a full understanding of the current research data management practice across all Schools and campuses.
  • Create a blueprint and architecture for the research data management infrastructure.
  • Develop a coherent approach to the development of Research Data Management plans across all Schools.
  • Raise awareness about research data management.
  • Make research data available to a wider audience for Open reuse and across disciplines.

Project methodology

This project is taking “top down” and “bottom up” approaches; top down in policy and guidance creation and validation, and bottom up through a series of pilots within Schools and research groups.  We do not intend to “re-invent the wheel”; we will deploy existing methods throughout the different phases on the project; deploying DCC and UK Data Archive advice and tools e.g. DMP Online, as well as outputs from other JISC funded work e.g. the IDMB: Institutional data management blueprint project.

The project is led by a cross-functional team, and the Steering Group is chaired by the PVC for Research.

Anticipated outputs and outcomes

Amongst our outcomes will be:

  • a coherent centrally provided/sourced IT infrastructure supporting the research data management lifecycle
  • a centrally delivered support infrastructure for research data management across;
  • increased awareness of research data management across all University stakeholder groups
  • an increase in researchers who take a systematic approach to research data management, in line with University policy
  • widely disseminated findings and outputs