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First ADMIRe pilot in the Classics Department

We are pleased to announce that ADMIRe is now working with The University of Nottingham Classics Department. This promising pilot examines the storage and citation of large data sets and general research data.

When we first approached the department, we were surprised to learn that the size of their data sets is on a par with the sciences. They regularly use specialist equipment to scan and model statues and sculptures in museums, the resulting files are 1-3Gb and are stored and backed-up locally. So as well as providing feedback on our proposed data store solution, they will also be one of the first departments to test our prototype data file store service.

As well as large data, the collaboration gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of ADMIRe and JISC RDM by linking to an AHRC project on Digital Transformations in Arts and Humanities. Here our specialist knowledge and expertise on RDM can really add value to their project and strengthen the outputs of both ADMIRe and the Digital Humanities project.

More updates will follow as the pilot progresses.