Project Outputs

The ADMIRe project has generated a wide variety of research data management (RDM) resources and documentation which can be reused by others. All project deliverables and outputs have been collated and listed in the following sections.

Project Management and planning

ADMIRe Project Plan Public May 2013

ADMIRe – Nottingham Project Office Plan and Scope 2012-13

Evaluation and Benefits

ADMIRe Benefits Management Plan

JISC ADMIRe Benefits and Metrics Report

RDM Policies

The University of Nottingham Research Data Management Policy

ADMIRe RDM Policy Requirements Review

Research Data Repositories Strategy

ADMIRe RDM Repository Strategy Requirements

RDM Human Infrastructure and Support Service

Research Data Management website

RDM Human Infrastructure and Skills

RDM Training Paper

RDM roles and skills

RDM Business Case Documents

ADMIRe RDM Business Case Steering Group Slide Pack

ADMIRE Supporting Research Data Management at the University of Nottingham Discussion Paper

RDM Technical Infrastructure

  1. ADMIRe RDM Technical Requirements Report
  2. ADMIRe RDM Requirements Catalogue
  3. RDM Use Case Focus Groups Format
  4. Faculty based research data management use cases:
  5. ADMIRe Research Data Management Metadata Schema
  6. ADMIRe RDM Process Model and Use Case Analysis
  7. ADMIRe DMP Online Analysis
  8. ADMIRe EQUELLA Research Data Repository Pilot
  9. ADMIRe BPM Metastorm Data Catalogue Development

RDM Pilots

  1. Pilot identification – ADMIRe The University of Nottingham Pilots
  2. Faculty of Arts – ADMIRe Faculty of Arts Data Licences Pilot
  3. Faculty of Engineering – ADMIRe Faculty of Engineering Storage Pilot
  4. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences – ADMIRe Faculty of MHS DAF Pilot
  5. Faculty of Science – ADMIRe Faculty of Sciences Metadata Pilot
  6. Faculty of Social Sciences RDM Training Pilot – ADMIRe Graduate School MANTRA Pilot

Communications plans and promotional material

  1. Nottingham RDM Communications Plan March 2013 (post-ADMIRe)
  2. Nottingham RDM Flyer (web format)
  3. Nottingham RDM Postcard – Print Ready
  4. Nottingham RDM Pull Up Banner

End of project report

ADMIRe JISC end of project report

Conference Papers

Creating a Research Data Management Service –  IDCC 2013, Dr Thomas Parsons, University of Nottingham